Hardrrr BDSM - A guide to using Dildos

What is a Dildo?

Dildos are sex toys designed for sexual penetration. Dildos comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be used for an individual’s masturbation and can be used to go inside a vagina, anus or can be used orally for sexual pleasure.

What materials are Dildos made of?

When purchasing a dildo, there many options to choose from about which kind of material that is used to manufature the dildo. Below are some of the popular types of dildos.


Silicone is one of the most popular material used for sex toys, plus it has a longer shelf life compared to other materials. It can also be easily cleaned and sanitised before and after use with an anti-bacterial soap.

It’s texture is more bendy too which users find realistic and is the most commonly used. It can also sustain heat and cold temperature for a long period of time which can help regulate your body’s temperature during use.


This type of material is one of the most affordable dildos in the market. However since rubber dildos are porous, it is prone to capturing bacteria especially if you have a cozy home. So it’s advisable to make sure you clean your rubber dildos thoroughly, or best to use a put a condom to prevent any sort of bacterial infection.

Stainless Steel

This  material does not only look nice but is also easy to clean and require less maintenance. You can clean it with an anti-bacterial soap, or place it in boiling water. Plus stainless steel is not porous so there’s a minimal chance you’ll get any sort of infection. Plus they are highly durable and will probably last for a lifetime.

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Cyberskin dildos is an ultra-realistic sex toy which is soft to the touch, has an elasticity texture that emulates a real skin, and is more realistic than silicone or other common toy materials. Cyberskin is also a  kind of thermoplastic which warms easily with friction.

When you look into a cyberskin dildo, you can see the details of an actual human penis – it has the veins, the mold of the penis head and testicles. Plus it’s malleable which means when you bend it, it comes back to its original form. It’s flexible and does follow your movement during use.


Like stainless steel dildos, Pyrex is a type of glass which is durable and can also be easily cleaned. It can also be shaped into a perfect G-spot massager or other exciting designs when used for anal play.

Glass dildos can be also easily heated by using warm or hot water which helps enhance the use and pleasure, or apply cold temperature too depending on your preference. Most lubricants are also compatible with pyrex glass dildos.

How to use a Dildo?

Whether you’re a beginner, experienced, or a pro, it is always ideal to use the common techniques in using a dildo to maximise the experience and pleasure.

Hardrrr BDMS - How you use a dildo

Choosing the right Dildo

When choosing the right dildo, it is important to pick the one that suits your needs and desires. This can be based on which shape or size you prefer.

Warming Up

Before using the dildo, this could be through manual stimulation such as masturbating, along with having an orgasm before you start playing with your dildo.

Deep Thrusting

Thrusting along the length and depth of your vagina can provide an orgasmic stimulation, especially if the dildo has design textures to it. If you also want to use it anally, make sure your dildo has a base.

Aiming for G-Spot

Drag the top part of the dildo across your G-Spot as you pull it outwards. You can also intensely push the dildo against the top area of your vagina which is the anterior wall while you slide it back inside. You’ll then get an intense stimulation by using this technique.

Dildos can be an amazing sex toy, given with proper care and use. Whether you prefer big textured cocks, or simple ones, a good dildo plus use of technique can be fun and relaxing!

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