About Hardrrr BDSM

Hardrrr’s mission is to help anyone who’s interested go from being a beginner to becoming fully trained.

Only the highest quality equipment, training, guides and instructions, for subs of any experience level.

Hardrrr‘s Mission

Hardrrr helps train every submissive to be the best they can be, by providing every Dominant with the highest quality equipment, guides and instructions.

Hardrrr caters for submissive’s of all levels, seperated into three tiers.

  • Beginner
  • Experienced
  • Fully Trained

Hardrrr sells only the highest quality equipment, personally quality tested and reviewed by both Dom’s and subs.

Hardrrr provides careful, considered and detailed guides to ensure every Dom can deliver the very best training to their sub.

Kit with Pink BDSM Cuffs and Pink BDSM Hogtie

You’re new to BDSM, interested in improving your abilities, skills and thresholds.

Experienced BDSM

You can handle the BDSM fundamentals, it’s time to expand your horizons.

You do as you’re told, without hesitation. Fully committed, no barriers.

Proper Presentation is important for every sub.

Hardrrr sells the highest quality presentation gear, ensuring your sub looks exactly how you need them to.

Restraint & obedience is a pivotal part of training a sub.

Keeping control and demanding obedience is pivotal to managing even the brattiest subs. Hardrrr delivers.

Discipline, no matter how simple, is paramount.

Discipline can be issued any number of ways. When you need equipment or instruction, Hardrrr has it.

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New Products, Featured Gear & Special Releases.