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For couples who are into anal sex penetration during bondage play and want to crank up the intensity further, anal hooks could help enhance and satisfy your BDSM experience.

On this article we discuss anal hooks, and its uses during bondage sex.

What is an Anal Hook?

An Anal hook or ass hook is a bondage sex toy, often made with stainless steel that resembles a fish hook, and is used for intense penetration during anal sex.

How anal hooks can enhance your bondage play:

  • Anal hooks gives the sensation of a hard cold steel inside the ass which a lot of people find pleasurable and adds kink to the bondage sex

  • It can be used on your partner during a hogtie position, or the popular Shibari rope bondage

  • The anal hook penetrates the nerve endings inside the anus that gives the intense sensation and spark during use.

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How to play with anal hooks

There are many ways you can use anal hooks with your partner during BDSM. Before using the anal hook, make sure that you keep your submissive aroused and lubricated. This helps inserting the anal hook with pleasure.

Shibari Rope - Hardrrr BDSM

Ways to play with anal hooks:

  • Make your submissive perform chores while they are wearing an anal hook

  • You can also use it in the vagina and use it to penetrate the g-spot

  • Use a lubricant for the anal hook that doesn’t have a numbing agent so the pleasure can be felt by the wearer

Maintenance and Safety

Since anal hooks are made of stainless steel or non-pourous materials, it is easier to clean and maintain them. Make sure that you disinfect the anal hook before and after use to avoid any infections.

Shibari Rope Maintenance - Hardrrr BDSM

Ways to clean your rope:

  • For deep cleaning, you can sterilise or immerse the anal hook into a boiling water

  • Use liquid soap to clean your anal hooks

  • After washing, make sure you dry the anal hooks with paper towels or washcloths

Anal hooks enhances and adds intensity during bondage sex, and increase you and your partner’s trust being in a relationship!

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