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    Black Bond Leather Blindfold


Black Bond Leather Split Paddle


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The Black Bond Leather Split Paddle is the combination of strength and delicacy. Solid enough to paddle but gentle enough to pleasure.


  • A perfect balance of solidity, luxury and texture
  • 2 seperate spanking boards for a loud flapping noise and a reasonable sting
  • Wrist loop for confident swings and control.

Sizing Guide

Total Length: 32cm
Width: 7cm

Eco-friendly material, composed of 50% recycled leather and 50% fabric. Bonded leather is becoming more and more popular, and luxury brands are increasingly using bonded leather to reduce real leather.

Another advantage is that they come from recycled materials, which means social responsibility and good for the environment.

Directions for use

This Black Bond Leather Split Paddle is a great introductory BDSM Spanking Toy that is simple to use. The Dom needs no prior experience to safely use this paddle. Padded and sized to fit perfectly in the hand, it’s easy not to ‘overdo’ it. The paddle allows great flexibility in range, allowing for a soft tap through to a harder spank, unlikely to leave any marks.

The Dom can be directly over, above or beside the body of the sub, choose the location and impact, raise the paddle only slightly above the sub’s skin and then thrust downwards. The resulting impact will be enough for a beginner sub, or enough for an experience sub to know what’s coming next.

Suggestion: To learn how to better use this paddle and to get used to the experience of spanking, a Dom can start by trialling different locations around a subs body.

Hardrrr BDSM Product Rating:

Difficulty of Use: 1/5
Impact and Intensity: 2/5
Experience Required: 1/5

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