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Black Bonded Leather Flogger

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The Hardrrr Black Bonded Leather Flogger is made from eco-friendly material; composed of 50% recycled leather and 50% fabric. It is perfect to introduce a beginner to BDSM play or as a warm up for subs with more experienced.


  • Eco-friendly 50% Recycled Leather, 50% Fabric
  • Suitable for all experience levels
  • 15cm long handle for a reliable grip
  • 29cm leather fronds offer a variety of spanking styles
  • Leather loop for easy storage.

Sizing Guide:

Total Length: 44cm
Handle Length: 15cm
Frond Length: 29cm

Bonded leather is becoming more and more popular. Luxury brands are increasingly using bonded leather to reduce real leather. Another advantage is that they come from recycled materials, which means social responsibility and good for the environment.

Directions for use:

This Black Bonded Leather Flogger is safe for beginners to use, whether they’re Dom’s or subs. The flogger whip can be wielded softly to product a light impact, almost as if it were tickling. Alternatively, it can be used at full strength to produce a strong and painful impact that’s sure to leave welts.

The Dom must begin by standing roughly 1 meter, or arms length away from the submissive. The sub may be either upright, flat (horizontal) or anything in between on a device of the Dom’s choosing.

Firstly, line the flogger up with the chosen area of impact on the subs body. The majority of the tails should touch the skin of the sub, not just the tips. Next, swing the flogger away from the subs body, in an arc between 1 and 2 meters long. Strike the flogger firmly down on the skin of the sub. Follow-through is necessary for proper impact.

Use the black bonded leather flogger in a continual motion backwards and forwards across the body of a sub. Any area can be chosen on a subs body though typically back, backside, stomach, chest and breasts are best.


Using a flogger on a subs genitals can be effective though the movement must be different. The impact of a flogger is typically a loud ‘thud’ with a spread impact. However, using it on genitals produces a precise sting. Targeting the tips of the flogger tails on the subs genitals requires no follow-through method.

Care must be taken initially to ensure the intensity and strength is correct. Therefore, starting with a ‘flick of the wrist’ is recommended. This movement is valid for female or male subs.

Hardrrr BDSM Product Rating:

Difficulty of Use: 2/5
Impact and Intensity: 2/5
Experience Required: 2/5

Additional information




50% Recycled Leather, 50% Fabric







1 review for Black Bonded Leather Flogger

  1. Christy

    Comfortable handle, comfortable leather material. Love being spanked using this toy!

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