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Black Leather Bullwhip

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A genuine, hand-made braided black leather bullwhip that’s sure to bite and excite. This high quality piece of BDSM equipment features a sturdy handle with a wrist strap and either an 78cm or 94cm long tail. The end of the bullwhip there is a leather leaf tip that leaves a sharp bite when struck properly.

Black Leather Bullwhip Size Guide

78cm / 30″ Bullwhip

  • Total length: 30” / 78cm
  • Handle length: 6.3” / 16cm
  • Tail length: 25.1” / 64cm

94cm / 37″ Bullwhip

  • Total length: 37” / 94cm
  • Handle length: 6.3” / 16cm
  • Tail length: 31.5” / 80cm

Directions for use

Make sure the Dom is standing well clear of the sub at a length that is roughly equal to the length of the black leather bullwhip.

Line the ark of the swing up with the area of the subs body you intend to strike.

Rotate the whip in your hand to ensure that the leaf tip end will strike flat on the subs body, this is important, if you do not the whip will not work as intended.

The Dom must bring their arm back above their head and in one swift but consistent motion bring the whip handle down in a natural arc. Do not stop the handle in line with the subs body as the tail of the whip will not follow through.

Ensure the Dom continues with the arc of the handle down until the black leather bullwhip meets the subs body. If struck correctly a loud ‘crack’ will be heard as the leaf tip hits the sub’s skin.

Suggestion: While it can be useful to focus on one point on the subs body for a desired level of intensity, continually moving the position of impact will create a spread intensity not obvious to the Dom but very obvious to the sub.

Hardrrr BDSM Product Rating

Difficulty of Use: 3/5
Impact and Intensity: 4/5
Experience Required: 3/5

Additional information


78cm / 30", 94cm / 37"

Material (handle and tail)

Genuine Cow Leather

Handle length

6.3” / 16cm





1 review for Black Leather Bullwhip

  1. Domina 455

    I cannot recommend this whip highly enough. The beauty about it is the art and skill required to weild it properly. Get it right and it’s hugely rewarding. Get it wrong and it’s not. It’s almost like golf.

    The leather is beautifully crafted and woven, it’s a piece of art. I love the little tip on the end. So small yet so powerful. Fits in your hand nicely and having that loop on the end means that you don’t end up having it slip out of your hand.

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