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Brown Leather Ankle Cuffs


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The Hardrrr Brown Leather Ankle Cuffs scream wildness, yet tenderness. Classic BDSM restraints that securely binds both legs and does not give the chance for your partner to slip out.

Please yourself or your partner with this extremely soft goatskin. Fully adjustable with durable metal buckles accompanying with a 30.5cm chain. Let your imagination fly and fit them into any kind of bondage scenarios. The combination of durable dark brown goat skin and super soft velvet creates a contradictory beauty between the samurai’s wildness and gentleman’s tenderness.


  • Strong yet soft goat skin leather.
  • Soft enough even for long term use,
  • Solid stainless steel chain that is 25cm / 9.8” long
  • Suitable For Beginners, Experienced or Fully Trained subs.

Size Guide:

Ankle Cuffs Circumference: 30.5cm / 12”
Cuffs Width: 6.3cm / 2.5”
Adjustable Range: 24-32cm / 9.4-12.6”
Adjustment Holes: 8
Chain Length: 25cm / 9.8”

Directions for use:

How to use BDSM Ankle Cuffs

Hardrrr BDSM Product Rating:

Difficulty of Use: 2/5
Impact and Intensity: 2/5
Experience Required: 1/5

Additional information


Goat Skin, Super Soft Velvet(inside), Metal

Cuffs Color

Dark Brown

Cuffs Circumference

30.5cm / 12"

Cuffs Width

6.3cm / 2.5"

Adjustable Range

24-32cm / 9.4-12.6"

Adjustment Holes


Chain Length

25cm / 9.8"

Chain Color







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