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Diamond Studded Leather Paddle

(2 customer reviews)


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In Stock Now

In Stock Now

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The Hardrrr™ Diamond Studded Leather Paddle is perfect for the beginner who wants a little extra sting. The impact side of the paddle is covered with soft edge diamond steel spikes.

The other side is covered with real cow leather, complete with skin ripple finish.


  • An excellent paddle to give that little extra bite.
  • Made from real leather, one face is covered with an array of solid soft edge diamond spikes.
  • Wrist loop for confident swings and control.
  • Genuine Leather and Stainless Steel.

Sizing Guide

Total Length: 31cm
Handle Width: 4cm
Paddle Face Width: 9cm
Paddle Face Length: 19cm
Thickness: 5mm
Weight: 146 grams

Hardrrr BDSM Product Rating:

Difficulty of Use: 2/5
Impact and Intensity: 4/5
Experience Required: 2/5

Additional information

Weight 0.146 kg
Dimensions 0.31 × 0.19 × 0.005 cm








Country of Manufacture


2 reviews for Diamond Studded Leather Paddle

  1. TheHastyTens

    damn the coldness of the steel + the sting from the leather, best combo!

  2. Smitten Kitten

    I’m still new to BDSM and this is just one of the few stuff that I wned. I like this one because it gives me a subtle sting from the leather and the spikes since it isn’t sharp.

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