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Leather Cat of Nine Tails Black & Gold

(2 customer reviews)


In stock

In stock

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This Black and Gold Leather Cat of Nine Tails flogger is sure to feel at home in the hands of both beginners and the most experienced BDSM lovers.

This flogging whip offers good weight with a handle and strings that are genuine red cow leather. It’s cylindrical shaped knots on the top and bottom of the handle stops it from slipping out of your hand. The leather strap can also be worn to prevent it from slipping. The strap also offers a way to hang it while not in use. This artisan tool offers satisfyingly cruel sensations for your submissive.


  • 9 independent double layer oval shaped leather tips
  • Genuine hand herringbone weaved whip strands
  • Solid handle with cylindrical shaped  knots at top and bottom
  • Solid leather strapped base
  • Genuine leather
  • Colour: Black and Gold

Size Guide:

  • Length: 31”/ 78cm
  • Handle Length: 6.7”/ 17cm
  • Leather tail: 22.4”/ 57cm
  • Strap length: 13.4”/ 34cm

Directions for use:

This Black and Gold Leather Cat of Nine Tails Flogger is not overly long. Therefore, the Dom doesn’t need to be far from the submissive, roughly half the length of the tail itself. Much like a tailed whip, it’s ideal to have each of the tail ends striking flat against the subs body. However, this is next to impossible to achieve given how many tails there are.

The Dominant partner must select the area on the subs body that they wish to strike. Then, line the arc of their swing up to that area. The exact area of impact will be varied given the number of tails on the flogger.

It’s important for the Dom to be aware that the cat of nine tails works partly like a flogger and partly like a whip. This means that the effect is both a blunt force impact, as well as sharp sting and bite. Thus it is important to start slow and gentle until the Dom is used to the effect it has on the body of the submissive.


The temptation might be to continually strike a subs backside to achieve nice red marks. However a leather cat of nine tails is especially effective when struck on the bare naked upper back of a sub. Try this either whilst the submissive is lying face down or whilst they are standing upright. All but the most well trained subs require restraint when executing this discipline.

Hardrrr BDSM Product Rating:

Difficulty of Use: 3/5
Impact and Intensity: 3/5
Experience Required: 3/5

Additional information

Weight 0.222 kg
Dimensions 90 × 5 × 5 cm
Material (handle and tail)

Cows Leather


31" / 78cm

Handle Length

Total length: 23cm
Handle length between end rolls: 17cm


Black, Gold







2 reviews for Leather Cat of Nine Tails Black & Gold


    This cat of nine tails is our absolute favourite and happens to be the exact reason we started this store in the first place!

  2. John C

    The length of this whip is exactly right. It feels perfect in your hands, the tails are just the right length and the little tip on the end works so well. Hands down our fav.

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