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Rattan Spanking Cane 20mm

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In stock

In stock

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The original Hardrrr Rattan Spanking Cane 20mm. This is the thinner of the two canes available. Considered the ‘original’ cane as used in various discipline scenarios throughout history. Each of the Hardrrr Rattan Canes are smoothed, polished and finished with bevelled edges.

Each Cane is 71cm long and has an average thickness of 20mm.


  • Smoothed and polished Rattan
  • 20mm in diameter +/- 2mm
  • 71cm long

Sizing Guide:

Length: 71cm
Thickness: 20mm +/- 2mm

The thickness of each cane may vary because they are made of natural rattan. The natural variation is generally plus or minus 2mm. This means the cane you receive may be between 18mm and 22mm, on average 20mm.

Also available is the thinner Hardrrr Rattan Spanking Cane 10mm.

Directions for use:

The bamboo cane is one of the oldest punishment devices which offers great versatility. Suitable for Beginner submissive’s right through to Fully Trained ones. It’s important that the Dom knows how to handle the cane. Test the sub prior to using the cane at full strength, as it is capable of serious impact and pain. Test even the most experienced subs carefully before use.

The Dom is not required to be far away from the sub though to achieve accurate placement and the desired impact level it is recommended that the Dom be around one meter away from the sub.

The Dom must identify where they want the impact of the cane to land. This is generally on the backside of the sub though this is not always the case and trying different areas such as legs, thighs, back, chest, breasts, stomach or even genitals is recommended.

Once the location of impact is identified, the Dom should bring the rattan cane 1- 2 meters away from the subs skin. Then, bring the cane down firmly onto the area desired. Initially, do this firmly but not sharply. A firm stroke will be felt, but will not sting. There is plenty of time for full impact once the Dom has worked out the threshold level of the sub.

Two ways to use the cane:

There are two ways to bring down a cane. The first is for spread impact to mark the subs skin with the full length of the cane. To achieve this, the Dom must bring the cane down, with the tip not impacting the sub. Rather, the full length of the cane creates the impact area. A follow-through is important to leave a lasting impact along the line of the cane.

The second way to use a rattan cane is to leave a sting in one specific area. A technique especially useful for breast or genital spanking. Generally speaking, it will not leave a mark that is the whole length of the cane.

This method requires lining up the cane so that the tip (the last inch or so) is the only area to impact the submissive. It leaves a lasting sting in one small area. In this method it is advisable to have no follow-through, any follow-through will begin to spread the impact along the cane and will reduce the sting.


Caning the genitals of a sub can be very effective. Care must be taken before doing this and gentle testing must be done on your sub prior to applying full strength.

For female subs, caning can be done either on the outer labia whilst the pussy is closed, or can be done directly on the clitoris with the pussy open. A Fully Trained sub is recommended before attempting to directly cane the clitoris.

For male subs, caning either the scrotum or the penis is most common. Caning on the scrotum can be done on a variety of angles and whilst the scrotum is tied. Caning of the penis can be done whilst the penis is flaccid or erect. If the penis is erect, care must be taken to ensure the correct impact location.

Hardrrr™ BDSM Product Rating of the Rattan Spanking Cane 20mm:

Difficulty of Use: 2/5
Impact and Intensity: 5/5
Threshold Level: 2/5

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 71 × 2 × 2 cm



104 cm




One Size Fits Most



Unit Count Type _ AMZ-CA


Country of Manufacture




1 review for Rattan Spanking Cane 20mm

  1. Miss TK

    I love this cane, the thickness is amazing in hand. I honestly didn’t think I’d like something with the diameter this has, but when you strike with it – oh boy……

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