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Single Row Pinwheel


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The original Hardrrr Single Row Pinwheel. Made from solid stainless steel with a chrome plated ultra sharp single pinwheel, this device is sure to give you the rise you’re looking for from your submissive. This BDSM toy is suggested for those with a little more experience.


  • Stainless steel handle
  • Chrome plated brass pinwheel
  • Sharp spikes for BDSM sensory play

Sizing Guide:

Total Length: 18cm
Number of Pinwheels: 1

Directions for use of the Single Row Pinwheel:

Directions for Use Guide Coming Soon…

The Wartenberg wheel was designed as a medical device to test nerve reactions and sensitivity in patients. The wheel has evenly spaced spikes. When the pinwheel is rolled across the skin it causes a subtle but sharp sensation. However, it’s uses hasn’t stopped there.

Nowadays, the Pinwheel is a frequently used toy in the BDSM community. This Single Row Pinwheel will take your playtime to a new level. Roll it over your subs skin at varying levels of intensity (pressure applied) and speed to get the reaction you’re after.

Hardrrr BDSM Product Ratings:

Difficulty of Use: 2/5
Impact and Intensity: 3/5
Experience Required: 1/5

Additional information

Total Length


Number of Pinwheels






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