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Hardrrr Ambassador Program

Hardrrr Ambassador Program2021-09-21T08:48:22+10:00

Become a Hardrrr Ambassador

Hardrrr Ambassadors enjoy BDSM with quality gear.

Hardrrr Vision

To help anybody who’s interested in BDSM to have the safest and best quality experience they possibly can.

Hardrrr was born out of the experiences of using inferior and low quality BDSM equipment available online. Such products can lead to sub-par experiences, often leading to people not enjoying what they’re doing and never doing it again.

Hardrrr exists to help stop that from happening, and to ensure that anyone who’s interested has the best possible experience they can, with the highest quality equipment.

Hardrrr. For those who want it a little bit harder…

Why be an Ambassador

You’re into a bit of kink, you know what you like and don’t like, and most importantly you like to share what you know with others.

You know that more people would be into BDSM if only they knew how, and you believe that people should have the best experience they possibly can.

Ultimately, you should be a Hardrrr Ambassador because you enjoy BDSM, and you want other people to have access to the very same great experiences that you do.

Rewards for Ambassadors

Hardrrr Ambassadors receive a selection of products of their choice from the Hardrrr catalogue in monthly packages.

For new Ambassadors an initial package valued up to $400 is sent containing 2 or 3 products. Subsequent monthly packages are sent to successful Ambassadors, containing products of a similar value.

Paid promotional opportunities are available through negotiation where Ambassadors have significant audience reach.

Expectations of Ambassadors

As a Hardrrr Ambassador, you’re expected to promote our brand and products on your social media profiles and content. We’re pretty flexible about how you do it and where, we have one guiding principal.

Promote our brand where-ever you think will be the most appropriate and as often as you feel is reasonable given the quality of what you’ve received!

As a guide, we expect in the realm of 4 to 5 Highlights and up to 3 Reviews or Showcases each month.

Highlights: A piece of content (photo or video) that contains a Hardrrr product and where Hardrrr is subtly linked in captions or similar. The product is not intended to be the focus of a Highlight piece.

Reviews: A specific piece of content (photo or video) where you review one of the Hardrrr products you have, giving your favourable opinions.

Showcases: A piece of content (photo or video) that centers around one specific Hardrrr product, showcasing it’s features, design and purpose.

* Paid promotion expectations are different and will be outlined individually.

Content Types

Platform Content Type
Instagram Posts, Stories, Swipe Up, Mentions
Facebook Posts, Stories, Links, Mentions
Twitter Tweets, Mentions, Links
Tiktok Videos, Mentions
Snapchat Snaps
Any Paid Content Sites Links, Brand Mentions

How do I do it?

Once you’ve made your content, simply link to Hardrrr using the links below.

Instagram – @hardrrr.com_membersonly

TikTok –

Facebook – @Hardrrr

Twitter – @Hardrrr_com

Website –

Hardrrr Brand Guidelines

Hardrrr brand guidelines coming soon.

Join the Hardrrr family

The Hardrrr Ambassador Program is designed for performers and content creators who enjoy BDSM, know the value of a great quality product and really want to share it with their audience. Here’s how the program works…

  • You submit your application
  • You application is reviewed and approved
  • You select your favourite items from the Hardrrr Catalogue
  • Your first Ambassador Package is sent, including 3 Products, up to around $400 in value
  • You promote the products and brand through Highlights, Reviews and Showcases
  • Engagement levels, website visitors and sales are recorded
  • If reasonable success is seen from your posts, further packages will be sent to you.

Submit Your Application

    Ambassador Program
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to provide my mailing address?2021-09-20T18:33:11+10:00

    No, you do not. You only have to provide your mailing address if you wish to receive Hardrrr Ambassador Packs from us.

    When it comes time, if we do not have your mailing address we will request it. Until then, you do not need to share it with us.

    Your mailing address, real name or any personal details are NEVER shared with anyone.

    Where is Hardrrr based?2021-06-22T13:52:25+10:00

    Hardrrr‘s main office is in Melbourne, Australia.

    For global shipping, we have warehouse locations in Japan and the USA.

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    • Red Wine Leather Ankle Cuffs


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